Risiko Anti Pencucian Uang & Produk



Aset dengan nilai tinggi yang dapat dibeli dan dijual dalam jangka waktu singkat menarik bagi para pencucian uang. Aset tipikal termasuk Seni, Logam Mulia, Real Estat, Mobil.

Namun pencucian uang tidak terbatas pada jenis aset ini. Kasino (termasuk kasino online) adalah metode populer Judi Online Terpercaya untuk pencucian uang, serta penggunaan pembayaran elektronik online seperti PayPal dan E-Bay. Perdagangan sekunder dalam kebijakan dan kebijakan Endowment yang menawarkan periode pendinginan sama rentannya.

Contoh produk dan layanan dengan risiko yang melekat meliputi –

* Perbankan Swasta * Perbankan
* Keuangan Terstruktur
* Komoditas
* Transaksi yang rumit
* Layanan yang melibatkan perdagangan dan pengiriman uang kertas dan logam mulia
* Layanan yang dimaksudkan untuk membuat pelanggan anonim * Produk yang memungkinkan / memfasilitasi pembayaran kepada pihak ketiga
* Produk atau produk berbasis Internet yang memfasilitasi akses mudah tanpa tatap muka

Pasar Keuangan banyak digunakan oleh para pencuci. Pasar sekuritas dan derivatif – keduanya dapat menawarkan jejak audit yang kabur – dikabarkan menjadi kendaraan pilihan pertama bagi pencuci yang lebih canggih.

Produk terstruktur yang kompleks dan melibatkan transaksi luar negeri adalah favorit lainnya, begitu pula produk Over-The-Counter yang dinegosiasikan secara pribadi antara dua pihak dan diperdagangkan tanpa melalui bursa.


Profesional seperti Pialang, Akuntan dan Pengacara, sering digunakan oleh pencuci untuk memfasilitasi penempatan dana haram ke dalam sistem keuangan. Seorang profesional yang mewakili bisnis pencucian memungkinkan pencucian untuk semakin menjauhkan diri dari dana kotor mereka. Dalam keadaan seperti itu, profesional mungkin dengan sengaja atau tidak sengaja bertindak sebagai “penjaga gerbang” untuk pencuci.

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How to Understand When 500 Clay Poker Chips Are Appropriate for You

Are you really interested as to the best way to learn when 500 Clay Poker Chips are suitable foryou? If that’s the case, you aren’t by yourself. Whenever deciding upon a Set, you will realize that you may pick out of 100 collections all the way up to 1, 000 sets. What could it be that will allow one to know that a pair which is composed of 500 chips consisting of clay would be the best foryou? Basically, you can find lots of distinct ideas. In this one-of-a-kind information, you will likely be introduced to the following steps which can be necessary to determine what type of pair is suitable for you personally, and also if one who is made up of five hundred individual poker processors is it.

Step 1 ):

The very first step in discovering whether a set of 500 Clay Poker Chips is correct for you is always to figure out how several players you will be having fun with during your gambling games that are recreational. Being a rule of thumb, it’s frequently appropriate to have at least one hundred Chips available for each player in just about any gambling video game. In some cases, though, this may possibly be inadequate. It is best to have too greater compared to have too little. If you typically play with three to four distinct individuals, it’s probably that the five hundred Chips Place will be appropriate for youpersonally.

Step Two:

The next thing into deciding what size set you require would be always to decide how much money you may designate to this purchase Poker QQ. If you play with poker or other games of opportunity that require poker chips at a expert fashion, it is probably much more likely that you will have the ability to take more funds into the buy . However, if you play in a leisurely manner, your financial plan might be a bit on the smaller side. Clay Poker Chips are an average of a bit more expensive than plastic chips, such as. Using a reduce price, you may have the ability to discover high-quality low cost Chips, which makes purchasing the 500 chip place more viable.

Step 3:

Next, you will wish to take special care in reviewing the poker chip retailer which you elect to buy from. It’s very important to observe their customerservice that the provider offers, the refund coverage they provide, the kinds of obligations they accept, and a number of other different parts. Additionally it is essential to focus on the kinds of transport that they provide, the different types of Sets that they provide, and the values associated with transportation. There are many online retailers offering top quality at discounted prices. Besides this, you’ll find various Wholesale Clay Poker Chips stores which may supply you with what you desire and desire from the poker collection.

Step 4:

It is perhaps not always easy to know when 500 Chips are all best for you personally, but in the event that you think the above mentioned information, you’re very likely to be able to decide on whether the purchase is one that is appropriate foryou. You will find many different types of places you could aquire if you find 500 processors really are too small or a lot of. If you find that 500 is not best for you, you’re going to be happy to find there are sites which offer places in a hundred – 1000 Chips.

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